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Leading Note Music Studio

Red Deer, AB



When you enter the doors of Leading Note Music Studio you begin to explore the possibilities. The list of musical possibilities is endless; in fact the piano offers a lifetime of discovery.  Quickly you discover that learning to play the piano can be a lot of fun. You will be challenged and rewarded as you explore the entire 88 keys. You will discover black keys are not “harder” to play than white keys!  Remember all 88 keys are open for exploration.

Another area of exploration will be the pedals! Every student longs to use the pedals on the piano. So why not? Early elementary musicians will be introduced to the damper pedal in their first year of piano lessons.

At Leading Note Music Studio you will discover the joy of sharing the piano bench with others. Duets and trios are a blast!  You will explore various genre of piano music.  We love them all.  Oh yes. . . and we cannot forget Rhythm Cup Explorations—perhaps the most enjoyable group discovery ever!


Over time, your greatest discovery will be the art of musicianship that will blossom in you.  In the midst of all this exploration your voice as a story telling pianist will surface.  You will be given regular opportunity to share your gift of music for others to enjoy, and you will enjoy the music adventures of others. Piano recitals will be a source of enjoyment for everyone as we present music that display your skills and your personality.


Why don’t you register for a “Meet and Greet?”  I would love to meet you and we could check out some of the fun possibilities together.