When you enter the doors of Leading Note Music Studio you are welcomed into an atmosphere of creative piano lessons, a place where we constantly explore the possibilities offered by the piano.  We are always looking for new ways to learn music, so the adventure is always fresh while the structure remains solid.

Hybrid lessons are one of the creative possibilities you will explore. In my mind, hybrid lessons provide a win/win learning environment for today’s piano student, by offering a combination of private and group lessons for each student.

The piano bench can be a lonely place that we ask our children to dedicate a regular amount of time to.  This frequently leads to tension as well as sloppy, mindless practice habits. Music should be enjoyed, and enjoyment tends to arrive when we share the journey with others.  Group classes provide incentive to practice, a consistent opportunity to learn from each other and an environment for many musical elements to be taught through games.  Private lessons allow everyone to work through challenging spots and to advance independently.

Leading Note Explorers

EXPLORERS:       6-7 years old   


 36 Lessons: 26 group, 8 private, 2 recitals

Explorers are brand new to the piano adventure! Parents are welcome, but not required to stay. Group size 4-6 children.   Group classes are 60 minutes long and private lessons are 30 minutes.

 ADVENTURERS:  6-7 years old


36 Lessons:  26 group, 8 private, 2 recitals

 Adventurers are entering their second year of piano lessons. Some will have experienced group lessons before and some will have experienced private lessons.  Group size 4-6  Group classes are 60 minutes in length and private lessons are 30 minutes.

Leading Note Adventurer

8- 18 Years Old


36 Lessons: 26 private, 8 group and 2 recitals.

 Private lessons are given weekly in 30 or 45 minute lengths. Private lessons focus on technique and repertoire. Students will be divided into age and piano level related groups for the year. Group lessons are 60 minutes long, providing a learning environment with fun social interaction.  Theory, ear training, rhythm training, ensemble practice and performance will shape the lesson plans each month.

*If there is a number of similar aged beginners in this age group (8-18 yrs old), I would follow the 26 group, 8 private and 2 recital model, but carefully monitor each individual as the year proceeds.

Exam Students


Royal Conservatory Exams can be a rewarding and valuable benchmark for students.  Exam students are required to study a minimum of 3-5 pieces from each list before making final repertoire selection.  Students are expected to fully engage in this process. I expect all exam students to receive a First Class Honors grading.

Exam students fit into the above category, but will have additional lessons if required. Additional lessons are not included in the tuition fee.  Examination fees are the responsibility of the parent.

Leading Note Students 8 to 18

Adult Lessons


 Piano lessons for adults are available either as private lessons or group lessons.  Please contact me for more information.